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Posted in General by amir asadzade Sat May 21 2016 18:35:45 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·2·Viewed 1,465 times

store rejected my app with this error Error Found: The supported APIs test detected the following errors: This API is not supported for this application type - Api=GetNativeSystemInfo. Module=kernel32.dll. File=Buddy.dll. buddy works fine for me and I'm developing app for Universal windows phone 8.1
Xy Ziemba
May 23, 2016

Hi Amir,

I'm having trouble reproducing the error with the most recent Windows App Cert Kit, but I don't have a copy of the previous Windows App Cert Kit, so I can't test with that. Can you try running certification locally on your application and checking whether it fails?

GetNativeSystemInfo is on the Windows Phone 8 whitelist.aspx), but under a different module name, so I'm guessing that's the cause of failure. I've made that change in a branch and published binaries here. Can you try those binaries and see if they fix the problem?

Xy Ziemba

amir asadzade
Oct 30, 2016

Hi Xy Ziemba
sorry for long delay I used these binaries and my app passed certification

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